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I am so grateful to have met and worked with Samantha. She led me on an incredible journey where I received such great insight and healing. Her methods are enlightening, compassionate and understanding and she has such a beautiful presence. I felt so comfortable and grounded while being guided by her. I would definitely work with Samantha again and highly recommend! Thank you so much Samantha!💕

- Haley

We all know that while we are “under the veil,” there are certain things about our true nature that we don’t remember when coming Earth-side. These aspects can include events that occurred prior to our current incarnation, and they can directly impact the way we live. During this lifetime, I have struggled with getting grounded. I didn’t know the direct cause of what was going on with me, but one physical symptom was the inability to get a good deep breath in. I was going through a period of hyperventilation and overwhelm prior to connecting with Samantha, unbeknownst to me, she had begun working with me astrally before our session had even begun!

- Starlyn

 I had the absolute pleasure and power of being guided through a past life regression with Samantha. Holy wowsers, it is an experience I will never forget. She guided me into a deep relaxation with her beautiful voice.  I felt so safe and held like I was in a lullaby which really helped me to relax, it is not something that comes easily to me and usually my head is in overdrive but there was none of that.  


I had such a profound session with her and visited past lives that held important information for me. I got to feel what it is like to be confident and self assured in your power.  To feel what it is like to be connected to everything.  To feel that deep sense of gratitude and love and that life is truly amazing. It is hard to access those feelings in waking life when you have never truly experienced them before. Thanks to Samantha and her work I now have that experience. I can now tap into those feelings in my waking life and access parts of myself that until now have been unreachable.


I am deeply grateful to Samantha and her beautiful work as I really feel she has shifted something profound within me and I cannot wait to see the difference it is going to make in my life.  She is the most beautiful soul and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to have a session with her.

- Claire

My experience with Samantha was excellent! Samantha has a marvelous gift of healing. During our session, Samantha was in-tune and open to all the messages that I needed to hear. She was pure and joyful. Samantha’s ability to channel and heal is divinely beautiful.

- Laura

Mind blown. Thank you a thousand times for what you have given me. I am so so grateful. Sending you so much love ❤️

- Claire

I’ve loved getting to know Samantha. At her core she is a channel of compassion. Her intuition coupled with her soft warm presence makes her a master at holding space which allows her to be a powerful catalyst for her clients. I am thrilled for this next step she is taking and plan to be one of her first clients!

- Rebecca

Samantha creates a warm, beautiful and powerful container for connection. She led me into a deep state of stillness. From this place of quiet and presence, I was able to receive a potent message from Spirit with Samantha's guidance.  I was taken to a pool of water. It was a pool I had encountered before, but in this place it was clear. At the bottom, there was a pink rose, simmering and gently fluttering underneath the water. I noted the depth of the pool and a shift in the feeling state from what it had held before. I sensed a presence on its edge. A fairy of sorts. Golden skin, hair, wings and a gentle whimsical appearance. There was an invitation from this fairy, Eliza, to take her hand. She had places to show me, places to which I was meant to fly. The mention of flight triggered fear in my body. I shared this sensation, a hot dizzy feeling in my head and womb, with Samantha. She asked if I was prepared to release the fear. I consented. Samantha guided me to connect with the sensations and then to extract them from my body and hold them in my hands. To give gratitude for how this fear had served me and when I was ready to blow them like dandelion seeds on the wind. With this I felt the sensations quiet and I dropped back into presence in my body. From this renewed place of connection, I was able to receive the message that Eliza was the embodiment of a butterfly who had visited me before. She shared the same message. To feel my heart beat with the opening and closing of the butterfly wings. But at this point, the sense was, I am meant to step into the form of the butterfly. To feel my own wings beating in unison with the beating of my heart. From this place of connecting with my wings, I will cultivate the remembrance of flight. The sense is the soon, with the help of Eliza, I will be able to step into the embodiment of flight. Thank you Samantha for helping me foster this connection and for the powerful catalyst our journey together has been. 

- Hanna

I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha several years ago as a nurse.  I am sure that happened by Grand Design and not by accident.  Samantha radiates a light of healing energy just being in her presence!  Our paths went in different directions and even from miles away she could sense when my soul ached and reached out to me even before I realized I needed her.   She was a guiding light in my spiritual and mental journey.  Her amazing intuition helped me find hidden emotions and unlocked past experiences that I never knew were hidden!  She was able to feel this within me and not even be in the same state!  Samantha has a true Divine gift and her gentle soul and grace makes even the most awkward moments seem safe and never judged.  I knew there was something amazing about her from the very first moment but she has taken me on journeys within myself that I never knew existed.  I cannot say enough about her soft, gentle nature and her genuine abilities for empowering others!  

- Renee

My session with Samantha was amazing!  Her kind, loving presence and soothing voice helped create a container for a wonderful hypnotic journey.  She knew just when to give me space, and when to guide me.  I would highly recommend her!

- Maren

I had a profound experience during my session with Samantha. She was able to bring in a new spirit guide that has changed my relationship to nature, and my feelings of safety around men and the natural world. Samantha also helped me release a darker energy that was quite tricky, and unexpected. During the entire session I felt held, and safe with Samantha guiding the ship! She has such a warm, and nurturing energy. I definitely recommend working with Samantha if anyone is feeling fearful of the work. She will make sure you are safely guided, without judgment, or hesitation when it comes to more difficult scenarios. 

- Amanda

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