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Time and Space for YOU


After your initial hypnosis or channeling session, Integration Sessions are perfect for reflecting on any new insights.

During these follow-up support sessions my focus is on giving you a non judgemental space to explore anything that is coming up for you. This space can be especially supportive if you find that you need a like minded soul to discuss ideas or topics that inspire you. This space can be used to look deeper at how your messages are integrating into your life. This is an open session of safe space to be your authentic self. This looks differently for all of us.  I will support you in feeling heard, accepted, loved and genuinely held as you explore your truth. During these sessions I will also support the process of you learning to trust your own intuition.

How to Prepare for your Integration Session:

  • Jot down what is coming up for you before your session. This can be anything! Let's discuss how your guides are showing up. How is your intuition deepening? Tell me about how your messages are resonating. What shifts have you noticed since your session? What feels more aligned? What do you notice being released/shifted? What have you learned/researched since your session? 

  • Come open, curious, and authentic. 

  • One of my deepest desires is to cultivate a loving space to share, be seen and heard for exactly who we are in this moment.

  • For extra fun, light a candle or have coffee with me.

What to expect from your Integration Session:

  • Your intentions for this session will determine how the energy flows. If you have a lot to share and unpack, GREAT, let's do that. If you care to get feedback on my interpretations or what spirit is bringing in for me, I’ll gladly share.

  • This space is yours. YOURS. You are amazing, important, wise, loved and I’m inspired by you. I want to hear about your journey, our paths are coming together for a reason. 


Who would benefit from a Integration Session?

  • Do you find that you seem “crazy” to your partner or friends? Do these mystical experiences have difficulty being received in your space? That’s okay! Everyone is on their own journey. This space is especially for talking about anything from challenges, ideas, spiritually, sexuality, the “after journey” of sessions, dreams, cycles of the earth, living in sync with your menstruation, sabbots and whatever you’re called to bring forward. 

  • This space can be used to support you in your Shadow Integration work. The shadow is deep work and this is a safe space to be vulnerable and discuss what comes up through your sessions. 

  • These sessions can be used to dig a little deeper into your messages that came through during your Soul Memory Session. Want to talk about how it felt to embody that goddess energy? Want to share about how you’ve cultivated more gratitude through spirit reminding you of all that you do have in this life? Do you want to share about how your animals are communicating? Or maybe you want to say more about how your hypnotic experience was for you and talk about more things you’d like to explore. Whatever it is, I’m here for it. 

Session Details

  • Integration Sessions are only available to those who have already had a channeling or hypnotic session with me before. These sessions are intended to help you further integrate the insights you gathered in your previous sessions.

  • Sessions are one hour -  $222

  • All sessions are done virtually via Zoom


You’re not alone in your journey. Unlock your true potential by aligning your spirit with your everyday existence. Experience the profound power of integrating spirituality into your life. Embrace a path of authentic self-realization and growth by cultivating mindfulness through open hearted discussion and reflection. Claim your space.

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