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Divine Wisdom


During a 1-hour virtual channeling session you can expect to be brought into a sacred space with me where I connect to your spirit team to gain wisdom on the burning questions you have.

Questions can be anything from why you are repeating a certain pattern in your life to why you attract certain lovers and relationships. We can gain more clarity on what you can know about changing jobs or careers. Sometimes spirit communicates through showing us numbers or thoughts of certain places. Channeling wisdom can reveal answers to these subtle mysterious communications. We can bring just about anything to spirit during these sessions. We are supported in this life and spirit loves us. Together we will tap into this support and wisdom to gain clarity on your soul's purpose, challenges, and direction you want to take. We drop into our bodies together in a supportive space that opens the doors of divine guidance from your guides, angels, animal spirits, ascended masters, gods/goddesses that come through to support you. 

How to Prepare for your Channeling Session:

  • Prepare 3-6 questions you would like to address.

  • Bring a journal and pen to jot down any reflections you may want to come back to.

  • It is not necessary before a session but you may find it helpful to spend a few minutes sitting with your intentions, doing some deep breathing and connecting with your body to be fully present during your session.

What to expect from your Channeling Session:

  • Your session will start with discussing your intentions and questions.

  • I start with an opening ritual that creates sacred space with guided deep breathing to ground and open our heart centers.

  • Come prepared to process and witness emotions as sometimes this can be a highly emotional experience. You are loved, accepted and held in this healing space without judgment.

  • Keep an open and curious mind as answers may arise in unexpected ways. The more open and receptive you are the more impactful and meaningful the experience. 

  • You may notice I close my eyes, stare in one direction or rock my body as I channel the messages through.

  • Once we have addressed all the questions time allows for we can spend a few minutes discussing at the end of the session to ensure you feel clear on your messages. 

  • I will then close the space by walking us through grounding again with gratitude for the support and love of spirit.


Who would benefit from a Channeling Session?

  • This is for you if you're curious about the intuitive and spiritual guidance available to you, but perhaps struggle to get there on your own, or simply wish for more support from spirit.

  • If you’re in a transition of sorts (in between jobs, relationships, or life path) and want to tune into the spiritual love and support.

  • Those who seek to deepen their connection to the natural world, gain greater understanding of the universe as a whole.

  • Those in need of healing or closure. Channeling can offer messages of love, support, and healing from departed loved one, spirit guides, or higher beings, providing a sense of closure or peace.

  • Those that may have questions about their life purpose, relationships, career, or spiritual growth. Channeling can provide a different perspective.

Session Details

  • Sessions are one hour -  $222

  • All sessions are done virtually via Zoom

  • What types of questions should I ask during a Channeling Session?
    Many clients are coming seeking clarity around their relationships, career/professional life, life transitions, upcoming decisions, specific situations/circumstances, and/or their soul’s purpose. I have worked with parents who come into session wishing to find out how they can best support their children. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner you may find it insightful to ask about business ideas, collaborations or projects. I work with other spiritual practitioners who want to use channeled messages to support them in their healing work. Couples can find valuable insight with channeled work to help strengthen their connection to each other and to spirit.
  • How many questions do I have time to ask?
    Clients can typically address 3-6 questions. In one session. I do not control the time it takes to bring through channeled messages. I recommend being prepared with 3-6 questions with the understanding that we may not be able to get to them all. We will spend some time at the end of the session to process and make sure you feel clear on what came through for you.
  • Will anything scary come through during a channeling session?
    Each session is divinely protected and I channel only beings of the highest light and vibration. Within the sacred space I trust that what is meant for your highest good to receive will come through. I maintain clear energetic boundaries that protect and bring through only supportive, accepting, kind and compassionate light filled messages.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for my session?
    It is not necessary to do anything specific to prepare in advance, but having questions or general ideas about the answers you seek helps bring through more supportive and powerful insight. Each session will flow in its own divine way. I do make every effort to record sessions for further reflection and send those included in session pricing. I do encourage clients to lean into the space they have invested in as they are called to do so. You may find it helps you feel more grounded, connected and open to receive if you can spend time with your intentions, light a candle, or a small token that represents what you are coming to more fully understand.
  • How will I feel after a session?
    Clients can feel a range of things following a session. Spiritual connection can be uplifting, energizing, relieving, and filled with joy that transforms. You may also find lots of emotions being released with these profound connections. Which can leave you feeling drained or needing space to process. I encourage you to honor all that your body feels and suggest that you rest, meditate or journal, drink plenty of water to recharge and allow integration of your messages.
  • Do I need to be a part of any particular religion to get answers from this channeling session?
    No. We may have different language we use to describe the infinite all knowing frequency of spirit and collective consciousness but spirit knows and understands our heart. I hold the intention that the messages come through in a way you can receive them with ease within your own spiritual practice and belief system, whatever that looks like for you.
  • What if the session turns out to not be what I expected, do you offer refunds?
    No. Due to the nature of spiritual work, results can not be guaranteed. Channeled messages come through and resonate differently for each unique person. It is best to enter the session with an open mind knowing that you may not understand how everything fits exactly in that movement and that’s ok. It is not uncommon for messages to continue to resonate outside of the session, sometimes leading to more questions you find yourself curious about.
  • How would you describe your process?
    Typically when I channel, I receive the information by opening myself as a conduit of energy and flowing it directly to you, trusting that it resonates with your question or that it is something you are ready to receive at that moment. Spirit is all knowing and loving, big emotions can accompany this work and you may experience them yourself or witness them in me as messages come through. You may notice I close my eyes, stare in one direction, move my hands, cover my heart center with my hands or rock my body as I channel the messages through.



In the flow of divine connection, ancient wisdom illuminates the soul with messages of love, healing and infinite possibility. Claim your wisdom.

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