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Intuitive Hypnosis Channel & Divine Guide

I have been in the practice of healing professionally for nearly 20 years. I started my journey through massage therapy where I learned what beautiful, complex, not only physical, but energetic bodies we have. I was then called to become a nurse through that learning process. I have been practicing that craft for quite some time now.


That gifted me the journey to develop even more vision for what our bodies truly need to heal. The complexities of our healing can not be defined solely by modern medicine. I now seek work in the realm of mind, body and soul healing. Healing that comes through deep introspection, a beautiful awareness of our connectedness to nature, other souls and spirit.

After many years of looking for answers from the outside world and in other people I found that healing comes from within. Those dark years of loneliness, disappointment, judgment, blame and unfulfilling experiences as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend and companion to myself have led me to look deeper and become curious about what actually needs healed. How do we heal it? Who has the answers to what we need in this human experience? You do!! Using my intuition as my guide I will empower you to find yours.

When we have harnessed the power to slow down enough to listen and hear that powerful source of knowing we become open to a limitless source of connected wisdom that supports us in our journey to living the healthy, connected, happy, love filled lives that we deserve.

I didn’t know what I was missing at first. I just knew that feeling like I had to hide my authentic self, stay small and peacekeeping, feel critical of others and be in a constant state of overwhelm was not what I wanted my life experience to feel like. I wanted to feel supported and at ease. I wanted to wake up in the morning excited to connect with mother earth, my children, family, friends and other souls walking this earth. I have spent decades developing knowledge and understanding of our complicated human experience through my personal life experiences, formal education, books, workshops, spiritual retreats, plant medicine ceremonies, and learning in sisterhood. I have held space for hundreds of souls going through the worst moments of their lives. I realized in all those divine moments that we are all weaving in and out of each other's journey for a reason.

That we co-create by witnessing each other. My soul's purpose is to hold a warm, loving, accepting space for any soul that seeks some form of greater understanding and healing.




Coffee is my medicine!


I'm obsessed with my Pitbull Ash.


Paul Rudd is my favorite actor.



  • Bachelors of Science

  • Registered Nurse

  • Certified Massage Therapist

  • Transpersonal Approach Hypnotist

  • Trained at Hypnotic Arts Coalition

  • Reiki Certified

  • Student of Karios Healers Academy

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