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Hypnotic Journey Empowerment Package


Being spiritually sourced is a sense of deep connection to a higher power, divine energy, or the universe as a whole. It is a feeling of alignment with one's true purpose.

Sourcing yourself is the process of connecting to divine energy or wisdom through ritual, ceremony, hypnosis, meditation, channeling, or other spiritual practices. This process allows you to let go of your ego and allow yourself to be guided by a higher power. Feeling sourced is an appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings and the natural world. This is recognizing that everything is part of a bigger whole and that each individual has a unique role to play in the universe. Dive into this 4-week transformative and empowering experience and tap into your purpose, connection and joy. 

What does the Sourced Yourself Hypnotic Journey entail?

Week 1 - Uncover Your Shadows - We will explore and integrate unconscious or repressed aspects that you may deem undesirable or unacceptable, such as fears, insecurities or limiting traits. Meeting your shadows with compassion and understanding cultivates a gratitude for their origins and helps to lovingly acknowledge those pieces of yourself. By confronting our inner critic, suppressed desires, destructive patterns, unconscious beliefs, self sabotaging behaviors, feelings of guilt, shame, anger, etc., we open the space within us to grow towards our highest vibration. 

Week 2 - Meet Your Guides - In this session we will connect to your spiritual “team” (ancestors, angels, ascended masters, gods/goddesses, animal spirits and spiritual beings) as I call it. You leave this session feeling supported and connected in ways you may have never experienced in this life. If you seek guidance on a specific area of your life we will set intentions to explore the support for that. If you don't know exactly how this stuff works we will explore the spiritual support that DOES and meet them with gratitude for divinely bringing your awareness to them. 

Week 3 - Past Life Regression - This session is a beautiful space to explore past life experiences and memories. Each session is divinely guided to bring forward exactly what you are open to receiving. Past lives are rich in lessons and experiences that empower us to release the things we no longer need and embody inspiring aspects that lead us to our best life. This journey is profoundly transformative with its ability to reveal the deep interconnectedness of all things. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey this will nourish your soul with insights and wisdom to move forward more sourced and full.

Week 4 - Integration Session - Perfect for reflecting on any new insights. During this follow-up support session my focus is on giving you a non-judgemental space to explore anything that is coming up for you. This space can be especially supportive if you find that you need a like minded soul to discuss ideas or topics that inspire you. This space can be used to look deeper at how your messages are integrating into your life. This is an open session of safe space to be your authentic self. This looks differently for all of us.  I will support you in feeling heard, accepted, loved and genuinely held as you explore your truth. During these sessions I will also support the process of you learning to trust your own intuition. 

What to Expect from Your Sessions:

This journey will lead you to feeling more empowered, seen, and having more self love. We are already enough. We are born good and perfectly sculpted from the goddess/god herself/himself. This journey is one of self reflection and discovery of just how loved we are by the universe and our guides. You will develop a new trust within yourself. This trust allows you to follow your innate compass that is your own intuition. You will be able to better discern the language of the universe. Taking this adventure will leave you with more awareness of the vast possibilities of this human experience.

  • I start with an opening ritual that creates sacred space with guided deep breathing to ground and open our heart centers.

  • We will spend a few minutes discussing your intentions prior to your hypnotic journey.

  • Come prepared to process and witness emotions as sometimes this can be a highly emotional experience. You are loved, accepted and held in this healing space without judgment.

  • There will be a few minutes at the end of your session to reflect and ask any questions you may have.

  • I will then close the space by walking us through grounding again with gratitude for the support and divine guidance of your session.


Who Would Benefit from ThiSession?

Are you in a place that you know there's more to this existence and you don’t know exactly how to explore it? In this container we will take a journey of discovery together. I’m amazed at what the universe reveals for my clients. You will be held in my highest most loving intentions as we go deep into your souls lessons and illuminate your purpose. This work is a remembrance of your power and your connection to the divine.

Session Details

  • $1,111- A combo of all hypnotic journeys specifically designed for elevating your consciousness.

  • 4-week program (3 hypnosis sessions + 1 integration session)

  • Source Yourself Workbook - This workbook of prompts and support serves to guide your reflection process. Having a place to hold this journey is a powerful tool for living more intentionally.

  • Sessions are one to one and a half hour and are done virtually via Zoom

  • Use this link to make your payment and schedule your first session. After our first session you will receive a link to schedule your remaining sessions. 


  • What types of questions should I ask during a Channeling Session?
    Many clients are coming seeking clarity around their relationships, career/professional life, life transitions, upcoming decisions, specific situations/circumstances, and/or their soul’s purpose. I have worked with parents who come into session wishing to find out how they can best support their children. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner you may find it insightful to ask about business ideas, collaborations or projects. I work with other spiritual practitioners who want to use channeled messages to support them in their healing work. Couples can find valuable insight with channeled work to help strengthen their connection to each other and to spirit.
  • How many questions do I have time to ask?
    Clients can typically address 3-6 questions. In one session. I do not control the time it takes to bring through channeled messages. I recommend being prepared with 3-6 questions with the understanding that we may not be able to get to them all. We will spend some time at the end of the session to process and make sure you feel clear on what came through for you.
  • Will anything scary come through during a channeling session?
    Each session is divinely protected and I channel only beings of the highest light and vibration. Within the sacred space I trust that what is meant for your highest good to receive will come through. I maintain clear energetic boundaries that protect and bring through only supportive, accepting, kind and compassionate light filled messages.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for my session?
    It is not necessary to do anything specific to prepare in advance, but having questions or general ideas about the answers you seek helps bring through more supportive and powerful insight. Each session will flow in its own divine way. I do make every effort to record sessions for further reflection and send those included in session pricing. I do encourage clients to lean into the space they have invested in as they are called to do so. You may find it helps you feel more grounded, connected and open to receive if you can spend time with your intentions, light a candle, or a small token that represents what you are coming to more fully understand.
  • How will I feel after a session?
    Clients can feel a range of things following a session. Spiritual connection can be uplifting, energizing, relieving, and filled with joy that transforms. You may also find lots of emotions being released with these profound connections. Which can leave you feeling drained or needing space to process. I encourage you to honor all that your body feels and suggest that you rest, meditate or journal, drink plenty of water to recharge and allow integration of your messages.
  • Do I need to be a part of any particular religion to get answers from this channeling session?
    No. We may have different language we use to describe the infinite all knowing frequency of spirit and collective consciousness but spirit knows and understands our heart. I hold the intention that the messages come through in a way you can receive them with ease within your own spiritual practice and belief system, whatever that looks like for you.
  • What if the session turns out to not be what I expected, do you offer refunds?
    No. Due to the nature of spiritual work, results can not be guaranteed. Channeled messages come through and resonate differently for each unique person. It is best to enter the session with an open mind knowing that you may not understand how everything fits exactly in that movement and that’s ok. It is not uncommon for messages to continue to resonate outside of the session, sometimes leading to more questions you find yourself curious about.
  • How would you describe your process?
    Typically when I channel, I receive the information by opening myself as a conduit of energy and flowing it directly to you, trusting that it resonates with your question or that it is something you are ready to receive at that moment. Spirit is all knowing and loving, big emotions can accompany this work and you may experience them yourself or witness them in me as messages come through. You may notice I close my eyes, stare in one direction, move my hands, cover my heart center with my hands or rock my body as I channel the messages through.



Each spiritual experience draws us closer to our true essence. Get ready for transformation through quieting the noise, hearing the whispers of love, exploring the depths, feeling your wholeness and by getting the answers you seek. Claim your sourced energy!

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