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I’m Samantha (she/her). My passion is exploring the spiritual realms through empowering practices that ignite our purpose and deepest desires. I have earthed two beautiful souls with my partner Jeremy. I’m a Pisces that loves to laugh and heal playfully. Thank you for checking out my space, I’m honored that you are here.

Step into Sacred Sisterhood

Explore the Depths of Spirituality & Self-Acceptance in our Women's Empowerment Circle!

Hey gorgeous woman!

In this circle I hold the intention of radical self acceptance and ascension through the sisterhood bond. We connect in a brave, non judgmental space with other women to share and witness all that we are. We discuss topics such as trauma, triggers, sacred sexuality, pleasure, emotional processing, moon magic, archetypes, menstrual cycles, divination tools, embodiment, motherhood, divine feminine, divine masculine, inner child work, spirit guides, past lives, hypnosis and whatever else feels alive in the group. The medicine of this circle is a co creation through each woman who steps in. My deepest desire in this space is for us each to feel seen, heard, and accepted exactly where we are on our journey.


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Why Circle is the Sh*t!!!

Image by Becca Tapert

We are powerful together. When women come together in safe authentic spaces to share our experiences, struggles, and emotions without judgment we create a potent container of understanding that cultivates deep healing. 

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We do not all think the same. Thank the goddess! We each bring unique perspectives, knowledge, and wisdom to the circle. This is sacred and enriching to our collective experience. Through storytelling, sharing of rituals, and offering guidance, we learn from one another and gain incredible insights that nourish our journey.

Image by Kelsey Chance

Circling facilitates deep connections between us, bringing a sense of unity and solidarity. Through shared experiences and healing together we are empowered.

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Being witnessed and seen is powerful. When we reflect back to each other, it empowers us to claim our desires and embrace our authenticity. When we are held in love and reverence we expand. We no longer need to be palatable. Our wildness is welcomed and honored.

Image by Anna Selle

Coming together gives us an opportunity to validate each other's experiences and claim our precious worth and value. This validation soothes feelings of isolation and inadequacy. We are f*cking amazing creatures! What we are feeling is real and deserves space to be heard and integrated.

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We are the keepers of ritual, tradition, connection through celebration, rites of passage, the nurturing weavers that enrich and deepen this sacred human experience. We are the blessed ones that possess the power to bring life and wield the power of womb wisdom. Our inner wisdom is ours to claim and lead with. When we connect with our breath, meditate, express ourselves, move our bodies, utilize music and plants we ignite the magic that is woman. This transforms us. Celebrates us. Connects us to our divinity and wisdom. 

What to Expect When You Show Up for Yourself in Circle… 

You can expect a nurturing space where we connect, share and support each other. A space for open hearted conversations with like minded women to build community with. We will explore empowering ideas, self care practices and share resources that nurture us. A devoted space to claim for yourself. On your best days and the challenging days. A space where all journeys and archetypes are cherished for their unique lens that transforms our daily experience through the bond of being a woman. A space where we welcome the grandmothers, mothers, sisters and any woman who has shaped us. To heal wounds and hold us in their wisdom. 


There will always be a space to bring something sacred you want to lay on the altar or have with you. Anything that is coming up for you can be placed on our divine feminine altar to be honored, offered or taken to spirit for guidance on. Your intentions are yours to share if you’d like or to hold private and still be uplifted in whatever is coming up for you at that moment. You can expect love, acceptance, peace, tools, celebration and support in this sacred space. 

Circle Guidelines

A sacred space for nurturing and supporting the divine feminine. As we share space, let us honor the following agreement to ensure a safe and respectful space for each of us. 

  1. Respectful Sharing of Space: Each member is encouraged to share from their heart, expressing thoughts, feelings, and experiences authentically. We honor each woman's right to speak without interruption or judgment.

  2. Please no Cross Talk or Fixing Others: We commit to active listening without interjecting personal opinions, advice, or solutions. Instead, we offer empathy, understanding, and validation to support each other's journeys.

  3. Radical Love and Acceptance: We embrace diversity and celebrate the uniqueness of each woman's journey. Our circle is founded on radical love and acceptance, where every member is valued and respected for who they are.

  4. Confidentiality: What is shared in the circle remains confidential. We respect the privacy of our sisters and refrain from sharing their personal stories or experiences outside of the circle without explicit permission.

  5. Non-Judgment: We acknowledge that everyone is at a different point in their journey, and there is no right or wrong way to experience life. We practice non-judgment towards ourselves and others, fostering a space of compassion and understanding.

  6. Boundaries: We honor each woman's boundaries and consent. If a sister chooses not to share or participate in an activity, we respect their decision without pressure or coercion.

  7. Mutual Support: We offer support and encouragement to one another, recognizing that we are all interconnected. We celebrate each other's victories and offer solace during times of challenge.

  8. Self-Care: We recognize the importance of self-care and encourage each member to prioritize their well-being. If anyone feels overwhelmed or triggered during the circle, they are encouraged to practice self-soothing techniques or step out for a break.

  9. Respecting Triggers: Triggers are invitations for self-reflection and healing, revealing the subconscious beliefs and emotional wounds that shape our experiences. By approaching triggers with mindfulness and compassion, we can navigate them more skillfully and use them as catalysts for spiritual evolution and awakening.

  10. Permission: We give ourselves permission to be all that we are. Permission to be all of the sacred feminine archetypes. 

We create a nurturing and empowering space where women can explore, heal, and grow together with love and acceptance. Let us honor and uphold these agreements as we journey together in sisterhood.

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