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We aren’t waiting to be healed or better, we are being in this moment just as we are.

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Hi sweet souls, I'm so glad you're here. I'm

Intuitive Hypnosis Channel & Divine Guide

My passion is in uplifting other souls through spiritual work. Empowering you through wisdom and hypnotic journey to embody your true essence. When we strip away ego and conditioning we can see the deep interconnectedness of life that leads to more self acceptance, less judgment, more love, peace, and pleasure in this human experience. I deeply believe that we each are doing the best with what we have in each moment and our spiritual experiences help us see that more clearly. By realizing your own divine light the world will naturally be brighter and full of potential. I’m SO excited to be a part of your soul's journey of remembering. 

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In transpersonal hypnosis, the goal is to access and work with the deeper levels of your consciousness to promote healing, personal growth, and transformation. Through hypnotic guidance we achieve a trance like state where we have access to soul memories, wisdom and a space to work through challenges related to personal beliefs and experiences.  Within this altered state, you are more open to accessing the subconscious mind and exploring your spiritual essence. 

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“Hypnotic regression is perhaps the single most powerful intervention for creating a change in an individual’s character in the shortest amount of time.”- Allen Chips

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My goal is to create a sacred space where love, wisdom, and healing come together, inspiring individuals to live authentically, radiate their unique brilliance and contribute to our collective awakening.

How would you like me to support you?

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Not sure where to begin on your healing journey?

Start with a Channeling Session

 I invite you into a sacred space with me where I connect to your spirit team to gain wisdom on the burning questions you have.


Women's Empowerment Circle

Explore the Depths of Spirituality & Self-Acceptance

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Spiritual work is not about reaching a final destination but rather embracing the continuous unfolding of one’s spiritual path.

Creating Sacred Ritual Space


Have fun with these ideas to cultivate a space of your own that brings through your intentions, ancestors, inspirations, manifestations, guidance and anything  that you want to hold and channel energy for.

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